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Pembrokeshire – perfect for a Little Retreat

There are things about this beautiful county that still take me by surprise from time to time.

I know this place like the back of my hand – the scenery, the tides, the coastline, the light, the air, the sounds. But every day something catches me. Every day something stops me in my tracks and, for a few heart fluttering, goose bumpy seconds, reminds me just how special this little part of the world is.

Today it was the still, glistening stretch of water just to the west of the Little Retreat site. Yesterday it was the gentle tapping of a woodpecker in our woods. Tomorrow it’ll be something else.

Visitors to Pembrokeshire are quick to notice these things that those of us who live here sometimes take for granted. And, as a summer of staycations approaches, we can’t wait to welcome those of you who are about to experience the area for the first time, and those coming back for more.

At Little Retreats we’re now taking bookings for October 2020. We have four, luxury domes available for weekend (or longer) getaways. Each is fully insulated and has its own wood burner, kitchen, bathroom, and hot tub. Those green-fingered among you will also love the potting shed garden in the grounds of your dome; you’ll find some herbs for supper, and fun to be had in replenishing for the next guests.

This is all about switching off; kicking back. We’re huge fans of getting back to some of life’s basics: fresh air, good company, relaxation, restoration. Here feels a million miles from hustle and bustle. There’s space and time. Rivers, walks, camp fires. It’s the safe outdoors that we all need.

Sound like your kind of escape?

Check our available dates here, or call Amber to plan your break.

p.s. Our domes come with wifi and smart TVs because we know these things just make life easier sometimes. Whether you use them or not is up to you!


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