The Little Retreat

Lawrenny Park is formed from the surviving elements of a great 18th and 19th century historic landscaped garden which formed part of a larger Estate, the manor and earlier house predate these designed landscapes.  The adjacent St Caradog’s church is thought to be medieval in origin.  The essential surviving elements from the 18th century include the general line and form of the 18th century driveway, the walled garden and its associated structures.  19th century elements include the Old Castle Mound, terraces with open grass  and the remains of the rose garden and the house cellars, hidden below ground.

Lawrenny Park is of National Significance recognised by its designation as a Grade II Historic Park and Garden by Cadw.  Of highest significance within the Park is the surviving 18th century walled garden.

Excerpts of Lawrenny Castle History can be Found in the Collection Below