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Wild Swimming
Guide Laura Owen Sanderson

Join us on a wild swim adventure off the beaten track with Wild Swimming Guide Laura Owen Sanderson.

Our we swim wild tours, retreats, micro-adventures and expeditions guide you through our hand-picked wild swimming destinations with like-minded people – whether you’re an experienced outdoor swimmer, or keen newbie seeking out a watery adventure.

Want to take the plunge?

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Explore The Cleddau
Bespoke Experiences

Explore the secret waterway by boat, kayak or paddle boarding 

You can hire equipment and book local tours through

Outer Reef Paddle Board & Kayak Centre


The Real Adventure Company

Good Trails

Discover Coast & Cleddau

Art Lessons
with Louise Burdett

Relax your mind and body and book an art lesson with local artist Louise Burdett


"Join me as I show you how I created the series of oil paintings 'Lawrenny Sunrise'.  We'll work in high quality acrylics on an 18 x 22” canvas board. I’ll show you how to build your painting in layers, working whole canvas, demonstrating each stage as we go. It will be an enjoyable day where we'll go from blank white canvas to a fully formed painting"

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Wellbeing Classes
In the lower walled garden

Wellbeing is at the heart of The Little Retreat; owner Amber Lort-Phillips has worked over 25 years in the wellbeing industry. 

Amber is an advanced personal trainer/pilates instructor/wellbeing coach, life coach and nutritional advisor.

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Mindful Walks 
Around Lawrenny

There are a number of beautful walks such as the scenic circular walk which takes you through the steep-sided ancient oak woodland of Lawrenny, overlooking the main Daugleddau River and along the tidal creeks of Garron Pill and the Cresswell River. This is a great walk to do in any season and takes you past The Lawrenny Arms Pub and The Quayside Cafe.

Here are 3 beautiful walks in and around the village:

Lawrenny Walk 

Cresswell river walk

Carew/Cresswell Quay  

You can also visit the parish church of Saint Caradoc, which is a grade II* listed building founded in the 12th century and altered considerably since, principally in the 19th century. The tower was added in the 15th century.

Lawrenny is on a peninsula of the River Cleddau estuary upriver from Milford Haven where it branches off towards the Cresswell and Carew Rivers and is in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.


Lawrenny developed around fishing, boat building and as a staging point for quarried limestone extracted from quarries upriver. In the 1830s there were 422 inhabitants and there was a ferry over the Cresswell River.

Racing stables in the village provided Wales' first and only Grand National winner, Kirkland at Aintree in 1905. Lawrenny also played a role in the World War II as a base for Supermarine Walrus seaplanes and a training centre, known as HMS Daedalus II, operated by the Fleet Air Arm.

At The Little Retreat 

Our top tips for stargazing from The Little Retreat are :-

1. Download a stargazing app on your smartphone that allows you to map the night sky from where you are currently standing- we love Skyview and Skywalk.


2. Use your personal telescope and the stargazing guide to look for the more unique constellations (all our stargazing tents have these).


3. Stars twinkle and Planets don't. When you see the stars you are looking into the past. Because light takes time to travel and stars are many light years away from us you could be seeing a star that doesn’t even exist anymore.

4. Look out for the International Space Station - NASA has a website dedicated to tracking where it is.

5. Use your own telescope to map the craters on the moon. On a clear night, it’s easy to see its craters and bumpy edges. Only 12 people have ever set foot there. But because there is no wind, if you visited the moon today you would still see their footprints.

6. The night sky is constantly changing, depending on the time of year and the time of night. Try stargazing at different times in the year to spot seasonal constellation changes.

7. Make sure you turn off all the lights.

8. If you want to try capturing the stars at night then you need to bring a tripod with you. It's worth listening to the National Trusts video on night time photography.

Look out for our Starry Night wild swim events and our constellation nights with Dark Sky Wales.

Silhouette of a group of friends stargaz
Heritage and Wildlife
At The Little Retreat 

Garry Thomas is our resident heritage and plant expert.  

We have created some fantastic videos with Garry in and around the site. 

Learn about the plants and the history behind them. 

Click Here to follow Garry around the Castle Site for some fascinating facts about the nature on the old castle grounds. 

The Magic of Lawrenny
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